Pros and Cons Of Rooting Android Smartphone

How many of you have already heard about the Rooting Android , and have always had doubts about it? Well, in this article we will explain all the pros and cons, in an attempt to help you in choosing.

Here we will discuss all pros and cons of rooting you Android smartphone

Getting root permissions, or becoming superuser , is to have access to your smartphone without limit, with the ability to modify it to your liking (like a developer).

Pros of Becoming SuperUser:

Possibility of Countless Customization

One of the main features of Android smartphones are the customization options; on the Play Store, there is countless software available to install launchers, ringtones and more. By getting the Android root instead, you can still change many more things, such as boot animation, but also system sounds and more.

Solve problems with the battery

If you’ve decided to make the root of your Android smartphone, you’re not the first-ever user. Then, having access to all the features, you can control the processor , using it to the minimum of its potential or limiting its clock power. This way you can save on the battery.

Install dozens and dozens of custom ROMs

One of the main reasons why most of us do the root: install custom ROM. With the installation of those above, you can take advantage of dozens and dozens of features that you normally do not have on an Android smartphone.

Block Ads

Have you ever used some applications and had been invaded by advertising ?. Well, know that thanks to some ROMs, you can safely block all invasive ads. In this way, you can also use free apps available on the Play Store without having to click on the banners.

Increase The Speed Of the System

By accessing all functions and components, you can use all of the RAM, processor overclock, gaining points in speed, given the ability to make the most of it.

Possibility to go back

After trying to use it with root permissions, are you tired of it ?In such cases you can re-flash the firmware and return to the one originally installed OS on your Android device.

Cons OF Becoming SuperUser:

Void Your Warranty

Many of the processes involving the Android root lead to invalidating the smartphone’s warranty. After you become superuser you will have void the free manufacturer warranty.

Automatic updates are Unsupported

When the company releases a new update for your model, your system will not automatically download, but you will need to install it automatically.

Malfunction of some apps

Some of the applications downloaded from the Play Store will not work if you have an Android root smartphone.

Rooted Smartphone becomes less secure

By installing custom ROM  your phone becomes becomes less secure as it may contain malware or any other virus that can infect the device (or steal your data).

If you are a beginner or switching to Android from another OS then avoid rooting Android smartphone .