Official Extended Support For Microsoft Office 2007 Ends

Official extended support for Microsoft Office 2007 ends. The last day that Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other programs of this edition of Office were eligible to receive updates, new features or security fixes was 10th. However, some specific products will still be supported until next month. Check out the detailed list here.

The end of Office 2007 support means that Microsoft will no longer pay attention to this suite of apps in any scenario. Customers with original copies will no longer be able to call support to resolve issues, security updates will no longer be received, and programs such as Outlook 2007 will gradually lose their ability to connect to more current services because they do not have new synchronization technologies.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft recommends that customers who still use Office 2007 migrate to Office 365 for indefinite support and always be in the latest version of the programs. The difference, however, is that users of this new Office pay per year or monthly instead of buying a definitive license, as was done in the 2007 season.

Speaking of this old edition of the productivity suite, it is worth remembering that it was 2007 that inaugurated the “ribbon” interface, which separates the functions of the applications into tabs at the top of the screen. This model is still used today, although updated with cool features in each new version of the software.