Download Workplace – Facebook Corporate Chat Application For Windows And MacOS

In addition to being the most popular social network in the world and having invested heavily in enhancements to Messenger, the brand’s chat application, Facebook also has a collaborative corporate communication tool called Workplace. After winning a free trial version in emerging markets in April of this year, it is time for the program to have its desktop application, serving both the Windows platform and MacOS.

The desktop chat app has a panel that gathers your conversations and provides text search, as well as options for sharing photos, videos, voice messages, emojis, and GIFs. If you are busy or distracted quickly, you can also receive notifications that appear on the desktop, so you do not miss anything.

This Facebook service already has about 14,000 registered companies that pay between $ 1 and $ 3, or $ 3.15 and $ 9.45 per user on the platform, and apparently, the simpler functions call attention to a more concise tool to be used. “The desktop application is still in beta and is being tested by Workplace customers who are providing reviews that we will use to improve the product before a wider release,” said Workplace spokesperson Vanessa Chan.

You can download this version of Workplace from Facebook for Windows and MacOS by clicking this link.