CEO of Uber London Quits in Critical Time

Uber, for a change, is facing hard times in London, as the operating license canceled because the city thinks the company is a mess without salvation. True or not, the result of this was that the hailing ride company is not in the best of scenarios right now.

Behold, the chief of the region, Jo Bertram, jumped out of the boat. “I’ve decided to move to something new and challenging,” she said in an e-mail to Uber employees. “While I wanted to announce this move under quieter circumstances, I am proud of the team we built here and very confident in their leadership skills to drive business to the next chapter.”

Uber was able to appeal on the last possible day of the London government’s decision not to cede the company’s operating permit in the English capital under the allegation that the company behind the transport app failed to report serious infringements and has a very superficial to accept partners, without the requirement of medical certifications and other necessary documents.

Bertram, for his part, had been in Uber for four years and, according to the company, his departure had no relation to this specific situation.