All Nokia Phones Will Be Updated To Android P

Unlike the iOS ecosystem, the Android world is lagging behind about updates. This problem affects the majority of manufacturers. But some want to make an exception. And this is the case with HMD. For information, this Finnish company was founded in December 2016 and has partnered with Nokia to ensure the production as well as the marketing of terminals bearing the mark of the latter. HMD first tackled the market for entry-level terminals before offering more ambitious devices. Unlike the vast majority of Android manufacturers, the firm is committed to enabling users to access the update quickly. Also, it is known for the fact that its Nokia smartphones do not have an overlay.

All Nokia smartphones will be updated to Android P in 2018

While many manufacturers, including Nokia, have already planned to update their terminals to Android 8.0 Oreo, the Finnish manufacturer intends to go further. As reported by the website AndroidHeadlines, an official at HMD said at an event in the Philippines that Nokia smartphones released in 2017, without exception, will benefit from the next version of the operating system from Google, Android P. This kind of initiative is outstanding. Hopefully, the brand will keep its word .