5 Surefire Tips To Improve And Extend Android Battery Performance and Life

When buying a smartphone, one of the leading concerns is to find one that has proper battery requirements. Manufacturers are worried day by day to produce more and more smartphones that have good performing batteries, especially on Android.

But complaints do not seem to diminish, with users claiming they can not get to the end of the day with their device. So here are 5 tips to take to keep your Android smartphone as long as possible.


A smartphone today represents a real center of connectivity, whether in WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC or just GPS.

The key to making sure that a device consumes little battery is to switch off these connections when you do not use them. When you are away from home, turn off WiFi, while NFC and Bluetooth should only be activated whenever you need a file swapping.

2. Brightness

What can save you up to 20% of your battery is certainly the brightness. Settling down to just under 50%, you will have a long-term gain regarding duration. Apparently, you can switch on the adaptive brightness.

3. Notifications

Notifications are one of the main problems for the battery of a smartphone. In fact, if you want the battery to drain more slowly, you have no choice: you’ll need to disable notifications or at least apps that do not interest you.

For example, you can disable those games, which invite you to resume your session continuously. All this can be done through the settings menu in the Applications section, by clicking on each app on each app, you can disable notifications.

4. Turning On and Off

All modern Android smartphones have a function that will turn on and off settings. Just set a time when we want the smartphone to turn off automatically, and a time when it will resume life by lighting up in this case too without your hand.

This feature can be vital when you are at work or maybe at the gym, and you know you will not use the phone for some time.

5. Automatic lock

This is one of the features that go unnoticed, but it can bring you an increase of consistent duration.

Our advice is to set the automatic display lock to 30 seconds, so you do not leave the screen lit seconds useless when you may forget to lock your smartphone.